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Reward Templates

You can pick 15+ pre-configured channel reward templates which you can add to your stream instantly and let your viewers have some fun with channel rewards.

Use them for inspiration, use them directly with no modifications, completely customise them. The choice is yours.

Reward Configuration

Configure exactly how your channel reward looks on Twitch without ever having to leave the ChatReward application.

Build modular rewards

There are many amazing modules that can be added to any channel reward. A module will provide a specific set of custom functionality, for example, text to speech.

From random key presses to showing youtube videos, the possibilities are endless


ChatReward is currently in a beta phase. During beta it's completely free to use.

There will be a subscription in the future
(just so you're aware)

From the Developer

For smaller streamers it will be free. I don't believe you should have to pay for such a service. In return, you will grow from the increased viewer engagement and perks that come from using ChatReward.

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