Mar 6, 2021

This has been a long one....

I've finally prepared for mac support on the client, which has led to me fixing/rewriting multiple things.

I've also done a complete rebrand and setup ChatReward on it's own infrastructure, rather than it sharing with IDT, this just made things weird.

As for features... I'm afraid nothing has changed from the user perspective, for the code/infrastructre lots has changed however.

  • The way you receive events has been completely restructred, which should hopefully mean you receive them without much delay ( your overlays should trigger a bit quicker for example).
  • Because of the above, the ability to pause your queue is a lot better. It will pause the queue from the client(rather than our backend) meaning it starts back up instantly.
  • There is a logout button, I don't think there's a need for it, but it's a nice to have.
  • You will see which user you are logged in as at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • A tonne of code has been re-written/re-structred, allowing for more maintainablity, which means hopefully less bugs moving forward.
  • As noted above, mac support will be coming soon, I just have to setup apple developer thingies then I can ship updates for this properly/release this version.

Besides this, nothing more to report on.

Make sure you uninstall the old Revent app before you install this update.

As for the next month: I'll be working on some feature additions, updates will be a little more spread out, I'm parcipating in twitches channel reward hackathon which will give ChatReward the potential to get a boost if I potentially win.

Please report any bugs in the ChatReward discord so I can get them fixed asap :)